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Questions about the 'Q Source', a hypothetical collection of some sayings of Jesus that is assumed to be the source material for the overlapping parts of Matthew and Luke not found in Mark.

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If Mark was dependent on Luke, then why would Mark exclude the Q material from Luke?

If Mark had access to Luke, and his edition of Luke already included the so-called "Q material," how can we reasonably explain his failure to include that material in his Gospel? My question ...
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What makes scholars think there were one or two discrete gospel sources and not many indistinct ones?

My only knowledge of popular solutions to the synoptic problem comes from Wikipedia, where they all have non-canonical gospel sources numbering about one or two (or sometimes just zero). Not many ...
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What are the evidences for the Q source theory? [closed]

What exactly are the evidences for the "Q source theory"? When I say the "Q source theory" I basically mean any of the modern theories that deviate from view that the Gospels were ...
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How do those who reject Q explain Matthew 5:38-48 and Luke 6:27-36?

Matthew 5:38-48 from the Sermon on the Mount and Luke 6:27-36 from the Sermon on the Plain are clearly related, but there are also substantial differences including reorderings. I've coloured the ...
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Markan priority, Q, and the parable of the mustard seed

I am familiar with and generally accept the current consensus of the writing of the gospels: Mark was written first Q is not extant but was thought to be a common source for Matthew and Luke Matthew ...
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Source of the quotation, “It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Judging from his authentic letters, Paul seems to have known little about – or thought it unnecessary to mention – many details about Jesus’ life and teachings. Direct quotations were very few. But ...
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What Evidence Supports The Gospel Of Thomas Being Q? [closed]

Simple question--what evidence is there that the Gospel of Thomas may actually be Q? For example, is there any solid evidence of Gospel of Thomas being composed before the synoptic gospels? ...
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Could the Egerton Gospel be related to Q?

The so-called Egerton Gospel contains only a few verses of some very early and previously unknown "Jesus text". One major criticism of Q is that it requires a completely unattested but highly-...
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Why should we think the Q source was an earlier source than Mark?

While I buy the evidence for Q based on parallels in Matthew and Luke that don't use Mark as a source, I find it curious that Q is often thought to be earlier than Mark. Is there evidence for this? ...
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Which is considered more reliable about Jesus' words, Mark or Q? [closed]

The general scholarly consensus is that the gospels of Matthew and Luke used the gospel of Mark as one of their sources. But Matthew and Luke also share content that is not in Mark, so it's believed ...
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Should Q be considered a Gospel?

According to Wikipedia Q source is sometimes called the Q Gospel. My understanding of Q though is that it is proposed mostly as a collection of sayings. Is it proper to call it a "Gospel"? Why or why ...
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What signs does Q show of stages of composition?

Regarding the Jesus Seminar, N.T. Wright writes in Jesus and the Victory of God: Great reliance has been placed on the work of John Kloppenborg, who has painstakingly analysed the Q material into ...
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What is the evidence for the existence of the Q document?

According to most scholars, Mark was the first of the four gospels to be written. Matthew and Luke then relied upon Mark and a second written source called Q. What is the evidence for the existence of ...
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