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How did Aaron come out to meet Moses in the wilderness?

I've wondered this for a number of years, and have never heard or read an explanation for it. In Exodus 4, Moses is asking God to choose somebody else to send His message to Pharoah. Then in verse 14 ...
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Is the rod/staff: Yahweh’s, Moses’ or Aaron’s?

So, in my previous Why did God stop using Aaron and his rod?, RHPclass79 said: A rod, God's rod, Moses' and Aaron's rod are all the same. It is also the rod that budded and was later put in the Arc ...
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Why did God stop using Aaron and his rod? (Exodus 7-8)

From what I can tell, Aaron's rod is only used in three places while in Egypt. First when his rod turned into a serpent. (Exodus 7:8-13 NKJV) Aaron’s Miraculous Rod 8 Then the Lord spoke to Moses and ...
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Why exactly were Aaron and Miriam denied entrance into the "Promised Land" in addition to Moses in Numbers 20:7-12?

Towards the end of the "Wilderness Wanderings", now (all) 40 years after the "Exodus", but before the entrance into the "Promised Land", the sons of Israel contended with ...
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