Wendy P. Marshall

I'm Wendy.


I've Been tinkering with all sorts of Servers/Machines since I was child. I can remember downloading my first GNU+Linux (Yes pronounced GNU [PLUS]+ Linux as Doctor Stallman correctly points out.) in 1993 (Slackware) using a 28.8k modem via SLIP onto a pile of Floppies.

I Hate to admit this but I'm now hooked on Windows Powershell :xD

I Still love Perl and BASH though.

I'll help you if I can. I don't know everything about Computers certainly. However I know the most important commands are MAN, INFO, HELP, and Get-Help. Also the --help/-h/-? flags.

I am a conscientious fact finder and I focus on learning Ideas and Concepts, not memorizing commands.

What was that command again...?? MAN! but not as root. Darn forgot to sudo. Not to worry: $ echo “!!” > script.sh should do the trick.

sudo make me a sandwich! && mv /my/stupid/boss /dev/null && shred -zuvn50 /all/the/evidence


GNUs not UNIX, but UNIX is a wild beast!

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