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Linguist. Proficient in Mongolduu, Russian, Chinese, Kazakhsha, Uzbeksha, Sakha (Yakutia). and Japanese. 5 years advanced study in Latin. I can read/write/speak in these languages.

I love to draw. There is nothing more enjoyable than spending the day in the Semey, Kazakhstan public library and have the librarian irritated with me.

Native English speaker from the United States (Oregon), with Post Grad Degrees in East Asian Studies and Dual English/History (Asian) degrees.

I enjoy close read examination of Old English Manuscripts. Reading Medieval and Middle English texts.

My favorite English authors are Milton [Of Education-1644]. Samuel Johnson. "Rambler" is on my desk. Martin Luther's "Book of Vagabonds and Beggars" 1528--my favorite. "Anthelogium" by Strobaeus is on par with any work of Plato. I read the works in the original text, then laugh at how poor the translations are. On rare occasion, the painstaking toil of a handful few of translators who did it right, rights the world for me.

I enjoy music from these countries whose languages, culture, and history I studied, plus many more.

In all this, I am keenly aware I possess an English now that seriously needs resharpening. Dusted off. Applied again. Opportunity to think and reply in English; not muddled or cross culturated; but, just thinks in English.

I am married with three children. My wife is Japanese. My wife and kids speak no English. They share no affinity to all the priceless books I have piled all over our house. The photo of the bird is not for me to do to you. It's for you, or for those who review my English posts to do all over me. That's it.

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