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I am from Malta and was born Roman Catholic, but lapsed rather early on in my teenage years, despite a religious childhood. I was an atheist for an intense but rather short while, then drifted back to the newer religions, like neopaganism. In my early University years, I read Nietzsche voraciously, and I was provided with the most profound anti-Christian reasons that ever existed, and that even most atheists and anti-theists remain oblivious to

Nevertheless at some point, and for some reason, Christianity as such became an attraction to me, almost an aesthetic point of focus that I constantly came back to but was not entirely comfortable with. In fact for a long time, I lapsed back and forth, and even now, though with some consistency, I still lapse back and forth between being a serious orthodox Christian and being merely philosophically Christian. In any case, first Dostoevsky and later Kierkegaard, but also Chesterton and Girard, became my focus points for a slow return back to Christianity. I am still a very incomplete Christian, in practice especially, and in philosophy. I am outside of a denomination, although I seem to identify mostly with Lutheran Christianity, especially in terms of ecclesiology, but hope to obtain a more Patristic outlook as well, and give Orthodox theology a fair hearing.