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In John 12:20-26 why does John include the account of the Greeks wanting to see Jesus?
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The time Jesus was on earth, specifically during +-3.5years of ministry he was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matt 15:24). Not that he didn't minister to any gentiles at all, but the ...

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Did Avraham marry Hagar? Did Ya'akov marry Zilpah?
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The hebrew word for wife 'ishshah' is the majority of the time translated - wife but has also been translated 2x as harlot, harem 5x, harlot 3x, and simply woman 1x (Strongs Exhaustive Concordance). ...

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Why was Zacchaeus saved according to Jesus?
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Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, since he also is a son of Abraham. Jesus is making this statement regarding salvation as a reference to his statement previously to ...

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Why did Abel keep flocks if man wasn't supposed to eat flesh til after the Flood?
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#1 The beginning of Genesis never says man did not eat meat. #2. Gen 1:24-26 from the very beginning YHWH made cattle which in Strong’s it is had livestock / cattle which is literally a domestic ...

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Is "for ever and ever" eternal?
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I am in process of doing an in depth study on the Biblical expression of Hell. There is so much non sense wrapped around this biblical doctrine. Great question! One has to understand that when we ...

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Who is speaking in Revelation 1:8?
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From what I see alpha and omega in revelation is always Father God before chapter 22 is clear to me. Chapter 22 is definitely problematic. The opening of chapter one brings clarity. Rev 1:1-2 “The ...

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In Numbers 12 why did Moses get away with intermarriage?
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Cush and Midian are very different places. Cush is in Africa, in the area of present day Sudan and Ethiopia, Midian is in the area of present day Jordan and Saudi Arabia. But that is not the issue to ...

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