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I am a 48 yr old male Christian. I have been frustrated with christian culture and my experiences as I grow, i see Christianity change and moving through periods of confusion on multiple levels. since i grew up on the KJV and there has been an explosion of Bible verses and Christian marketing of products and "sound bite" or "calendar" theology. I have grown increasingly interested in studying theology and context and learning about biases in history through the ages of the church that have influence, or corrupted Christianity. Going back to the book and seeking the lord to think for myself has been a real stabilizing force for me in an age of confusion and "bible babble". I am particularly interested in Dispensationalism and Bible prophecy and discernment issues. I am also interested in How American church culture and cultural issues have poisoned the church culturally on many levels and brought about an unleared approach to chritianity much like what existed in the "Dark ages" of the church that leaned heavily toward Church traditions, felts needs, visual imagery, rather than sound doctrine and rightly dividing the truth. I am by no means a Bible scholar but I read alot and have the gift of discernment which fules my fleshing out false teaching and false practices that plague the church. The most important issue facing the church to me is "What is the gospel" as the gospel itself is and has been corrupted. Another important issue is the role of the law for new testament believers who are "dead to the law through the body of Christ" mixing law with grace is one of the most subtle and dangerous and common errors plauging the church. I believe we are living in "treacherous times" as the Bible describes it. Waking up the church to the coming of the Lord is my heart and my goal. Maranatha!!!

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