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I try to focus on where the discourses in American Christianity differ from the spiritual lessons that I have gleaned from my personal walk with Jesus, and in doing so, I've discovered that some people enjoy talking to me about these things, so here I am. I do not call myself a Christian, and my spiritual community is ostensibly Buddhist, and I blame Jesus for leading me into this weird life of so much personal freedom in the midst of honest hard work and devotion to friends and family. I do not care about heaven and hell in the afterlife--those issues are not mine to sort out on this plane. I pray prayers of deep gratitude, and if I ask for help, I don't say with what, because if anyone is listening, s/he already knows better than I can say.

My beliefs are for me. I respect you, Christian, as someone following the path that (the) G(g)od(s?) have put before you. Likewise Muslim, Atheist, Satanist. Likewise you who carve your own path, and you who refuse to follow anything but impulse, chaos, or divine disorder.

The Path is deeper than discourse can dig, but in our approximations of higher truths, we seek to make maps that communicate our spiritual landscapes effectively for others, acknowledging that life on the ground is to a map what spiritual existence is to spiritual discourse.

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