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These questions can help you better understand the word and help it come alive in you. •What do you think is the key message of this chapter? •What did you learn from this chapter? •Which point in this chapter spoke to you the most? •Why do you think God included this chapter in the Bible? What's the point? •Do any of these truths written thousands of years ago apply today? If so, which ones? How do they apply? •Are there truths in this chapter that contradict the ideas we hear in the world? If so, what are they? •Is there something in this chapter that surprised you? If so, how were you surprised? •Are there any verses in this chapter that confuse you or that seem to contradict other parts of the Bible? •In view of what we have read, what changes do you think God would want you to make in your attitude, words, or actions?

These questions for Bible studies address the same issues, but come at them from a slightly different angle. •What is one passage that encourages you? How does it encourage you? •What is one passage that inspires you? How does it inspire you? •What is one passage that convicts you of sin? How does it convict you? •What is one passage that challenges you to change? How does it challenge you?

These Bible study questions are adapted from ideas a friend shared with me. •Who wrote this passage?

•What is the message of this passage? •When, where and why was it written? What was the purpose? •How can I apply the message to my life?

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