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22 votes

Why does Noah curse Canaan?

14 votes

In John 19:26-27 why did John take Mary, who was married, into his home?

13 votes

What translation best translates the word "vanity" (in the KJV) in Ecclesiastes?

13 votes

John 12:32 - What/Who Does the "All" refer to?

11 votes

How is this passage on the authority of women to be interpreted?

10 votes

Whose meaning are we trying to find?

9 votes

Can we tell from the text who wrote Hebrews?

7 votes

Has the meaning of "Love" changed enough to warrant substitutions in Bible translations?

7 votes

Was or wasn’t Shem’s son Arphaxad born on the ark?

6 votes

Did Pharoah have free will?

5 votes

Is Ecclesiastes a book of negative wisdom?

3 votes

Was Deborah considered a sub-optimal leader?

0 votes

How did Manoah know his visitor was the angel of the LORD?

-3 votes

Is John 7:53-8:11 original to John's gospel?