Chosen One
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A long time ago, in a small village, there was born to a poor slave girl one who would come to change the fate of the world. Born in isolation, so that the world might not know of his powers, a boy came to be. Raised so as to be humble, this boy was not told of his destiny, until one day, as a strange wind blew in from the west, a lone rider was seen on the horizon, seeking for the one who was rumored to have been born under the Pale Moon on the Night of Emperor Shizkoben's Reign. This stranger was no enemy of the boy, thankfully. He desired only to tutor the boy at the Halls of the Mountain, in the ways of Qui Ling Ding How. The boy's mother agreed, not knowing it would be the last time she ever saw her child. So the new pair, student and mentor, set out, and many days passed where they learned from each other and grew in the ways of Qui Ling Ding How. But the days would soon come when the student would grow in even greater might than the mentor. In satisfaction, the mentor urged his pupil to leave, asking only that he carry with him all that he had learned. And so it was... So it was...

This is the pupil of the story. I travel with the knowledge of Qui Ling Ding How, and go along the path that has been set in front of me, ever learning, ever watchful.