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Steven 'Stevels' Smith
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Started my first job, in high school, doing customer service and sales at The Software Center in 1980 on TRS-80's, Apple II's and Commodore PET's so have a lot of years of customer support.
Just because someone asks a seemingly dumb question about computers doesn't mean they are a stupid person. I've seen some very successful, yet computer illiterate customers in my time. They maybe geniuses in artistry, politics or poetry and be completely inept at phrasing computer related questions so I try not to bite a customer question (downvote) until they have proven themselves truly unwilling to make an improve their attempt or a total narcissist in their approach.

I'll upvote any question I answer just because if they made the effort to ask it's a simple acknowledgement and a reminder of the 5 frustrating hours spent getting my first 15 reputation.

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