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Zachariah 13: 6-7 8-9 why aren't 8-9 considered prophetic toward the Holy Trinity?

The reason few if any commentators see vss. 8-9 in the OP as a prophecy regarding the Holy Trinity that these verses clearly speak of the land and the people, not of God. This becomes even more clear ...
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Does Jude 1:9 allude to Zechariah 3:2?

Jude verses 9,22-23 Whereas, Michael, the chief–messenger, when, with the adversary, disputing, he was reasoning about the body of Moses, durst not impose on him a defamatory sentence, but said––The ...
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Does God use sarcasm in Zechariah 13:7

Some translations, including the RSV, format vv7-9 as a distinct prophecy (in poetry instead of the preceding prose), and that passage does read well as a separate unit with its own theme. It is ...
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Does Zechariah 13:2 prophesy the end of demon possession?

I note that the prophecy in Zech 13:1-6 consists of the following predictions about "that day" when a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the people of Jerusalem - All sin and ...
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Who were the "craftsmen" in Zechariah 1:20-21?

Incidentally, some Bibles place this passage at the beginning of Zech. 2, rather than the end of ch. 1. In any case, two of the four horns are easy to identify while the four craftsman or smiths are ...
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Zechariah 5:9 - Are there any ancient references to the two winged-women?

I think we should see this whole thing as a kind of anti-Ark. In Zechariah 5 we have the following: A basket with a lead covering Containing a woman identified as "wickedness" Carried by ...
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Is Zechariah's vision in chapters 8 providing the fulfillment of his vision in Chapters 1-7?

The fact of one prophecy coming from an angel and another directly from God does not substantially alter the idea that both represent divine oracles given through the prophet. The two prophecies echo ...
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