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Leviticus & Numbers offerings as holistic and comparing to a typical Western world's meal

It would certainly be appropriate to recognize the completeness of the offerings as outlined in Numbers 28. This completeness is representative of their holistic worship and devotion to God, which ...
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What is the significance of the bovine sacrificial animal being referred to as ' heifer ' in the OT?

The significance of the red heifer in Numbers chapter 19 is twofold. It has to do with the young animal never having been placed under any yoke. It especially has to do with it being without blemish. ...
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What does "Put the wood in order" mean in 1 Kings 18:33?

I believe the reason the wood was laid in order was because of the value of that sacrifice.(Abraham Gen 22, Elijah 1 Kings 18, laid the wood in order). Only done for the ox, not the lamb. The ox, or ...
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