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What does "has been manifested" mean in Romans 3:21?

The answer to the OP's question about the identity, timing, people to whom the righteousness of God was manifested/revealed is answered in the very next verse following Rom 3:21 - 21 But now, apart ...
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What's Paul's interpretation of "In Isaac shall thy seed be called"

Children of Promise In Genesis God promised a son to Abraham. Yet Abraham had many sons; so which one was "the son of promise"? (Gen. 25:1-6) It is clear from the narrative that Isaac is the ...
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Why would God create vessels of wrath prepared for destruction (Romans 9:21-22) if He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 33:11)?

God's wrath is the Tribulation. This is the way Paul always used the nouns ὀργή and θυμός. The "vessels of wrath" are those who undergo the Tribulation. The "vessels of mercy" are ...
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Should the word "free" appear in Romans 6:23 as an adjective to "gift"?

Can you fully trust the translators? There are many versions of it for a reason. I look at modern Christianity and it's nothing like what I read. A great deception came into the modern church as Jesus ...
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In what sense is sin said to increase (πλεονάζω) by the introduction of the Law in Romans 5:20?

Sometimes it simply means what is says. The Law was added that people might become more aware of what they should do but can‘t making them sin even more. The Law from a civil stanpoint threatedned ...
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Are Andronicus and Junia(s) apostles?

Their martyrdom also puts them in the suffering Paul saw as being part of being called apostles. We are regarded as the ...., as men to die in the arena. The attested miracles done by them (according ...
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Was Jesus raised 'for our justification' or 'because of' it?

This Scripture has been a great blessing to me. Romans 4:25 who was delivered because of our offenses and was raised because of our justification. This translation is exactly correct as it is and ...
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Does Paul refer to his past or present evil/sin in Romans 7

For 60 years this question raised by the context of what is addressed by Paul in Romans cc 5-8 is not answered by most people I read. But, here is my conclusion: My question has always been, "How ...
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Using Romans 9:16 can you explain the fundamental differences between Mercy and Grace

First, one cannot tell the difference in meaning between grace and mercy according to Rom 9:16 because only the word "mercy" appears in the verse. If one wishes to have a verse where both ...
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Using Romans 9:16 can you explain the fundamental differences between Mercy and Grace

Romans 1-8 are all about teaching the believing Jews who still want to continue in the works of the law, ceremonies, circumcision, rituals, sacrifices of the priesthood, temple worship, that the ...
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What is the difference between "old man" in Romans 6:6 and "flesh" in Romans 8:1?

I think Dr. ML Jones explains it best. The Old Man Was Crucified A Sermon on Romans 6:5-6.
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