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The epistle to the Romans was written by Paul to the Christians in Rome, in an effort to introduce them to his teaching.

This tag covers Paul's epistle to the Romans.

Questions regarding the people of Rome, their customs, and etc. would be tagged .

Paul wrote his epistle to Rome prior to having traveled there, in an effort to introduce them to his teaching (and very possibly counter false versions of his teaching that had reached them). It is generally held that he wrote the epistle from Corinth while during the winter of AD 56-57 (as with most events in the Pauline chronology +/- a year should be acknowledged).

Paul apparently knew many of the Christians in Rome at the time the epistle was written, as evidenced by the numerous personal greetings in chapter 16.

The epistle to the Romans is considered a masterpiece of theology, and includes Paul's most extended discourse on grace. Paul puts tremendous focus on the importance of harmony between Christians who are of Jewish origin and Christians who are Gentile origin.