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In Phil 4:6, should we interpret “anxiety” as a sin?

Philippians 4:6 means you should not feel anxious when praying. Anxiety is an effect of lying. Therefore if you feel anxious you know that you are lying. Do not lie to God. If you feel anxious about ...
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In Phil 4:6, should we interpret “anxiety” as a sin?

On a purely experiential level all emotions can lead to sin. I have struggled with anxiety and anger all my life. They are not sins but if we do not “cast our cares” on Jesus they can lead to the sin ...
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Philippians 3:5—Paul’s description of his advantages “in the flesh"

It seems like this is what you are proposing as chiasm: 1a) Circumcised on the eighth day: This is a reference to the Jewish rite of circumcision, which was performed on male infants on their eighth ...
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In Philippians 1:6, what is the "good action"?

The explanation here is a stretch, being out of the realm of interpretation for the reader who is not a Bible scholar.(And that is most of us). If we agree with your interpretation, the reassurance ...
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What was a "drink offering" in the O/T?

A drink offering seemed to be a splash of wine to accompany a sacrifice (Number 15). Paul equated his ministry, and specifically his martyrdom ("the time of my departure has come"), as the ...
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