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This deals with Matthew 24-25 which records Jesus's response to the disciples' misunderstanding about the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the End of the World.

After leaving His "run-in" with the obstinent Pharisees, Jesus left the Temple area, and in passing told the disciples that it would be torn down stone by stone! This statement elicited several questions in the minds of the Apostles.

When would this be, and would such a tragedy mean the End of the World? Chapter 24 and 25 of Matthew recorded Jesus's answers. The first half 24:1-14 dealt with the End of not only the Temple, but the End of Judaism. There is a transition in verses 34-36; and then the rest of this passage dealt with the End of the World.

The first section has characteristics of "signs," "days (pl.)," and "this." But in contrast, the second section spoke of "no signs," "day (sing.)," etc.