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Any other connections with 144,000?

I think 144,000 refers to are DNA everyone of us was born with 72,000 chromosomes from our mother and are father on each side of our DNA stran making up the double helix of our DNA 72,000 + 72,000= ...
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What does the phrase 'unclean until the even' refer to in Numbers 19:7?

When the dove came back to Noah with the olive branch it was evening. That symbolised that they were then free to come out and continue life on God's earth. Evening became a symbol for the time of ...
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Did Balaam die a righteous death?

He died a soothsayer. From who began prophet turned a soothsayer, It shows he became unrighteous because of his desires.
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Why does the number of Levites not tally in Numbers 3?

When conducting a census of 20 years old and upwards, the question is when is 20 years old? Unlikely to be based on birthdays. More likely to be based upon round figure numbers at the time the census ...
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Who did Shelah (Judah's son) marry?

Thr bible clearly states that Tamar did not lay with Judah again no more, however Judah would have had to have died before Shelah could lay with Tamar, and that is kinda an abomination to lay with a ...
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