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Note on Hermeneutics: Since this was migrated from Christianity.SE, it has been reviewed and deemed worthy as a Hermeneutics Question. So, we must work diligently to remain inside that scope. This is not a Question about what we suppose would have happened if... This is a Question about what the text tells us about what happened and how to understand ...


Deut 5:3 says this: He did not make this covenant with our fathers, but with all of us who are alive here today. Note that this text says several things about the covenant: it was NOT made with the fathers/ancestors the ancestors were doubtless those present when the covenant of the 10 commandments (Deut 4:10, Ex 34:28, see also Deut 10:4) was originally ...


“In the above text its not clear which fathers Moses was referring to” -[snip] I would argue that it is clear - crystal clear. Via context. This verse, and the preceding verses are about Covenants. And the only other covenant God made with them - the nation - (Israel), was with their patriarch - Abraham. GEN 17:2 I will now act on my covenant between me and ...


Acts 7:22 is when Moses was still in Egypt and had the authority from being in Pharaoh's court. Exodus 4:10 is when Moses had been away from Egypt for 40 years and no longer had the authority of Pharaoh's court. (See the question

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