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KJV Romans 12:3 according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith

Wow! So many long, drawn-out comments for something quite simple. In all translations the definite article is added in places there is none in order to make it read English. The Authorised Committee ...
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1 Timothy 4:3: meat or food (kjv vs niv)?

The Greek text of 1 Tim 4:3 is undisputed. Therefore, the choice of manuscripts is not germane. The operative word in 1 Tim 4:3 is βρῶμα (bróma) = "food of any kind". It occurs 17 times in ...
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KJV - Jeremiah 34:16 why some KJV says "whom ye" and some KJV says "whom he"?

There is a distinct difference between the Robert Barker "1611 King James" Bibles, and the Authorised text. There also seems to be a substantial amount of revisionism in the history ...
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