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Well???? This verse lines up with acts 7v 40- 43. Read Jerimiah 7 again from verse18 through to Jerimiah 8v 2. Simply put.... there is massive mixture written into the Law.... which God has Allowed....Just like when Satan mixed his words into what God had said at the beginning with Eve. There is a veil over the reading of the Law even to this day, and that ...


Rashi on Jeremiah 22:11:1 concerning Shallum That is Zedekiah, and that is what he was called in I Chron. (3:14): “the fourth Shallum.” And he called him the Fourth, meaning the fourth to assume the kingship of Josiah’s sons, for first Jehoaha, reigned, then Jehoiakim, and after him Jehoiachin, and after him Zedekiah.


שָׁבֻעִ֨ים / Week / Seven The "sevens" in Hebrew, while not specifying only the word "weeks" in English, should in most cases be properly translated as "weeks", for that is the most common usage given to it. According to BlueLetterBible, in the KJV/Authorized Version it is translated 19 times as "week" and only once ...

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