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What is meant by "familiar spirits" in Isaiah 19:3, 29:4?

They are all just unclean spirits aka demons. Which we have authority given us by Jesus Christ. Jesus conquered Hades the unseen realm and death and had given us the keys - has authority over them all!...
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Isaiah 33:15(d) "He who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed" modern 21st century English translation issue

It took me about 10 times reading through the question. And I think I might get the premise: The issue isn't as much about the 'bloodshed' as it is about the 'hearing' of it. Specifically, it seems ...
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Why does the serpent continue to eat dust in Isaiah 65:25?

The Hebrew word apar (H6083) may have a broader meaning than simply rock dust. Broadly speaking, dust is what has fallen and is dead. Physical One type of dust is "dirt" or rock dust which ...
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How do we know there should be commas in between the titles in Isaiah 9:6?

To be a single title, one would expect eight nouns to make a noun-train. But what we actually have in Isa 9:6 is: noun, verb, noun, adjective, compound noun, noun-noun; the last two nouns are jointed ...
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Isaiah 33:2 & Isaiah 33:6 deeper understanding as to why there is an strange choice when it comes to the possessive adjective & pronouns

The pulpit commentary offers this about Isa 33:2 Verse 2. - O Lord, etc. The mingling of prayer with prophecy is very unusual, and indicative of highly excited feeling. Isaiah realizes fully the ...
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In Isaiah 6:2 whose face and feet are the Seraphim covering with their wings?

I've been meditating on this text for the last year. My proposal is that the cherubim's face is a representation of it's beauty/glory and it's legs are representation of its power and might. Knowing ...
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In Isaiah 58:9, is "pointing the finger" referring to legal accusations?

The OP asks, “In Isaiah 58:9, is ‘pointing the finger’ referring to legal accusations?” If they do refer to legal accusations, the laws in view are not ours but God’s (v2). In Isaiah 58 God addresses ...
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