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How is Joab related to Amasa? The topic "Amasa" in the Insight on the Scriptures lists Amasa as Joab's cousin: 1. Son of David’s sister or half sister Abigail and Jether (Ithra), and cousin of Absalom and Joab. (2Sa 17:25; 1Ch 2:16, 17) Jether is called an Israelite in Samuel and an Ishmaelite in Chronicles, perhaps because he lived in Ishmaelite ...


As in English and Greek, the word "spirit" has a very large range of meanings as the entry in BDB (below) shows. One of the very common meanings is essentially and attitude or the mind, or, "emotion". This includes, anger, courage, impatience, passion, sorrow, desire, or just the seat of mental acts. In English we often talk about a ...


The verbal root ḥ-z-y means “to see” in Hebrew and Aramaic. The same root exists in Arabic, but only in the active participle ḥāzin in the specialised meaning “seer”, that is: “one who can see into the future”. It is commonplace that the same root has slightly different meanings in different Semitic languages.


Merkha מֵרְכָ֥א trope in Psalm 98:5, יָ֥הּ "Yah" serves readers cantillation of the Yod (when singing HaShem). | In the 🎹 key E (under middle C), "Yah" יָ֥הּ (with merkha) is sung for one half note.


If it helps, here is the entry from, "Complete Word Study Dictionary Old Testament" by W Baker & E Carpenter. 2372. חָזָה A verb meaning to see, to perceive. This term is more poetic than the common ra'ah (7200). It refers to see God (Ex 24:11; Job 19:26; 27, Ps 11:7; 17:15); astrological observations (Isa 47:13);prophetic vision and insight ...


I think the difficulty you may be encountering with this verse happens when we try to understand it standalone and parse it down into oblivion. We are informed in/by the Bible that no verse of prophecy (Scripture) is of any private interpretation, so we are to look to other applicable verses to gain an understanding, in addition to what immediately is in ...

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