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Thank you for the chance to respond. ok we need to rightly divide the word on this and 14th is pesach, 15th is feast of unleavened but first fruits is always on a 1st day of week (what might be understood as Sunday loosely) And if on a 1st day of week then not always , but yes sometimes on the 16 th (when the 16th lands on the 1st day of week). How is this ...


Can John's Passion chronology be reconciled with that of the Synoptics? Most definitely, YES! The Bible is God's Word. There are no contradictions in the Bible. See an article and a calendar about Passion Week at: Passion Week and Passion Week Calendar.


Matt 9:6 falls in the context of Christ the servant. Firstly the noun sin used in modern English bibles coming from the Latin noun sontis meaning a guilty criminal, thus having a singular universal for moral evil. The Greek noun is hamartia (transliteration) and the Hebrew noun is chatta’ah and used in things revealed to define many things and not moral evil ...

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