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Questions regarding the book of the prophet Ezekiel or the prophet himself.

Ezekiel, Book Of

The Book of Ezekiel is the third of the Major Prophets in the Hebrew Bible. Written in the first person, the book records seven visions received by Ezekiel, a prophet during the time of the exile. At the outset of the book, the prophet records his calling in the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiachin and identifies himself as a priest, the son of Buzi. Furthermore, he locates himself by the Kebar River in the land of the Babylonians.

While maintaining an essential unity, the structure of the book can be divided into three sections:

  1. Chapters 1-24 - Prophecies of Judgment
  2. Chapters 25-32 - Prophecies Against the Nations
  3. Chapters 33-48 - Prophecies of Restoration


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