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Is Jesus's return on the clouds the same event as Him riding the white horse?

they are the same events. Jesus's return in the clouds is His second coming, which is for judgement. HE also will come out on a white horse but that is for His triumphal entry into the earth realm to ...
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Dating Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem w/ Only the Bible

6000 years Gen 5:3 Seth +130, Gen 5:6 Enos +105, Gen 5:9 Cainan +90, Gen 5:12 Mahalaeel +70, Gen 5:15 Jared +65, Gen 5:18 Enoch +162, Gen 5:21 Methuselah +65, per Gen 5:25 Lamech +187, Gen 5:28 Noah+...
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Was the ministry of Jesus 3 1/2 years or 70 weeks?

I have a few observations to add as food for thought that no one else has brought to this conversation. Have you considered why Jesus cleanses the temple twice? There is continuity in the stories ...
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When and for How Long was Israel Enslaved by the Egyptians?

Try Gérard Gertoux's Chronology papers "Absolute Chronology of the Exodus>' on Academia. He establishes a 1533 Exodus date; add 430y = 1963 Abram at 75y; Plus 75 years = 2038 B. D. of Abram. ...
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Does Matthew 4:12 imply that Jesus travelled from Judea to Nazareth to Capernaum?

Example of False Topical Study It is common for new students to erroneously combine to verses for study only because they include the same word. This type of Topical Study can lead to wrong ...
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