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Questions about the universal religion revealed by Jesus Christ as the fulfilment of the expectations of the Jewish prophets.

Christianity is the monotheistic religion founded in the nation of Israel during the first century. Its founder is Jesus of Nazareth, who was called "the Christ" (Messiah in Hebrew).

Jesus is unique in that He claimed to be Deity in the flesh (Incarnated Divinity), not merely a good teacher, or usual prophet, nor just a social reformer... although He performed all those ministries while He traveled around Judea.

The formation of Christianity as a religion is recorded in what is called the New Testament of the Bible. It contains 27 books (biographies, history, epistles, and an apocalypse). Christianity is revealed to have begun by several disciples, and Twelve men appointed by Jesus who were called Apostles.

Christianity claims to be the sole Way to Heaven and the only path to Salvation. Although exclusive in its claim, nevertheless its membership is open to all people from every language, nation, and tribe...showing grace and mercy to men of all social status, economic position, or cultural fashion.

Christianity teaches a Return of Jesus Christ to earth as a culmination of human history, and a climax for Righteousness and Justice!