Questions about calendars referenced or used by the Biblical text, or questions about translating dates between calendars.

Numerous calendars were used anciently and are referenced or inferred by Biblical texts.

Old Testament chronology can be studied with the aid of Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian chronology, to name a few. Some Biblical chronological references can be precisely calculated on modern calendars because an ancient calendar (Babylonian chronologists in particular are helpful here) astronomically dates an event (and the astronomical event can be independently dated using physics).

New Testament chronology intersects regularly with the Julian calendar, which can be readily converted to numerous other calendars, including the Gregorian used today.

The Jewish religious and civil calendars are frequently used to date events in the Biblical text, and an understanding of Jewish timekeeping is particularly important in determining when a Biblical event occurred. The Jewish feasts are dated on the Jewish calendar in Leviticus 23.