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Sandals and Holy Ground

Consider the angel's words to Moses "Do not come near" (Exodus 3:5). The ground was holy because of the Presence of God (as represented by the angel of the LORD) and Moses was not. Later in ...
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Who was with the three friends of Daniel in the fire?

My first point, the text does not explicitly identify the fourth figure. The fourth figure in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is described as having the appearance of a "...
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Angelology - Angels vs. Seraphim/Cherubim/Ophanim

It is true that much pious myth has grown up around the idea of divine angels. Here are the Biblical facts: Seraphim Seraphim are fiery serpents in Num 21:6, 8, Deut 8:15, Isa 14:29, 30:6 - in these ...
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Do the angels ascending and descending on Jacob's Ladder in Genesis 28:12 represent the holy elect replacing Satan and his demons?

In fact the Jacob’s replacement may have happened in reverse to what you describe. Jacob has obtained the inheritance and blessings of his father Isaac by a lie and exploitation of his twin brother ...
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In Hebrews 12-23-24, are the "angelic myriads", "congregation of the firstborn", and "righteous spirits made perfect" all descriptions of the saints?

In the book of Enoch one can read about the dichotomy of clean and unclean angels (sons of god and/or resurrected εγρήγοροι) and righteous and sinful souls that live in heaven or kept in some pit ...
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Are the "elect angels" in 1 Timothy 5:21 born-again believers?

I'll stick with Guthrie's understanding of the term, as referring to those angels who are chosen or "commissioned" to watch over the affairs of men: The mention of these elect angels is ...
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