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The book of Job is the story of a "righteous sufferer" (Job 1-2; 42) framing a set of dialogues (Job 3-41) in which Job's plight is debated.

(which Targ. reads here), but there is no reason why this euphemistic style may not have been original. From Tremper Longman III, Job, Baker (p. 81): The word translated "curse" here is the … comon word for "bless" (brk) but is used as a euphemism in order to keep the usual word for "curse" distant from "God." In this way, the storyteller is showing the same kind of religious fastidiousness that Job himself shows. And from Emanuel Tov, Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (p: 251): …
answered Nov 23 '15 by kmote
I have often struggled with the book of Job, wondering what rubric should guide my interpretation as I read through the speeches of Job's "friends". They say so much that is "true" (so much that … squares with the rest of Scripture), but clearly they are not to be trusted (hence, the Lord's rebuke of them in Job 42:7). So how can I interpret what they're saying? Then the thought occurred to me …
asked Jan 20 '12 by kmote
interesting that, not only were they named, but the subsequent verse describes their beauty, and the inordinate value that Job placed upon them (elevating them uncharacteristically to level of their … of Job's restoration. God didn't just give Job 10 new children to replace the ones who died -- He gave him the three most beautiful daughters in the land. This coincides with the fact that God doubled …
answered May 16 '16 by kmote