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Questions tagged [resource-request]

Requests for assistance finding sources or resources to aid further study

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Acts Chronological Timeline

Where can I find an accurate chronological timeline that includes the events of the Book of Acts, Paul's letters, and (also it would be nice) connections with Classical Roman history? I see many ...
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Where can I find a concordance / original text analysis and dictionary for the Apocrypha?

For study reasons, I would like to find a concordance for the Deuterocanonical books + the Book of Enoch. Ideally, the concordance should contain the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic text with an a ...
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Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Works Questioning the Internal Unity of 2 Esdras 1-2

Among the King James Version Apocrypha, there is a certain book, called Second Esdras, which is found neither in the Masoretic Text, nor in the Greek Septuagint; its first two and last two chapters ...
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Reading the oldest version of the Septuagint

Will you direct me to the oldest version online or in any library of the Septuagint bible? In your opinion for some of the ones we have available today, are they accurate in bible study?
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