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Questions about the meaning & significance of plays on words in the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts

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Is it significant that Zacchaeus who wrongfully accused(συκοφαντέω) others climbed a sycamore tree(συκομορέα)?

Vines cites συκοφαντέω to mean showing the fig or fig-shower, meaning someone who accused another of illegaly exporting figs. And the sycamore that Zacchaeus climbed is of the fig family. It it a ...
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Is the Aramaic word "ara" in Daniel 2:39 a paranomasia (pun)?

Daniel 2:39a (NASB) says: "After you, there will arise another kingdom inferior [ara] to you ...." The kingdom referred to here is indicated by the silver breast and arms of the statue that ...
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Is there an interpretive significance for nashak (kiss) and nasak (burn) being puns? [closed]

It was suggested here that 'kissing the calf' may be a play on words for 'burning the calf'. Is there other support in scripture where the use of 'kiss' and 'burn' has interpretive significance? Such ...
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How can I identify puns in the Hebrew Bible?

The Bible sometimes uses words with multiple meanings to the effect of an intentional pun or wordplay. Punning seems especially common in Hebrew. I think that being aware of these literary devices ...
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