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Does the Sinaiticus contain the name of Jesus?

In the Sinaiticus manuscript I see the name ⲒⲨ which is taken to be ΙΗΣΟΥ in abbreviation at the beginning of Mark's gospel. Where is the name of Jesus actually written out in full anywhere in the ...
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Are nomina sacra thought to have been used in the autographs?

Nomina sacra are abbreviations used for the sacred names of God, Jesus, the Spirit, etc. (though also common unsacred words such as ανθρωπος) in many Greek manuscripts. Do any approaches to textual ...
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Nomina sacra in ancient manuscripts

The oldest manuscripts we have show the nomina sacra for Jesus and the Father. Which are the oldest manuscripts that have the name "Iesous" "Theos" etc fully spelled out instead of abbreviating them ...
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