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Does God ordain evil?

Lamentations 3:38 (NASB) Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that both good and ill go forth? Does God ordain evil? I understand there are many biblical references which show that He allows it,...
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Who wrote Lamentations?

As part of the Meta Call for questions related to the Five Scrolls. Traditionally, Lamentations has been attributed to Jeremiah, the reason it follows Jeremiah in the Christian ordering of the Old ...
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Blood as cause for ritual defilement in Lamentations 4:15?

Hebrew in Lamentations 4:14-16 reads: נָעוּ עִוְרִים בַּחוּצוֹת, נְגֹאֲלוּ בַּדָּם; בְּלֹא יוּכְלוּ, > יִגְּעוּ בִּלְבֻשֵׁיהֶם. {ס} טו סוּרוּ טָמֵא קָרְאוּ לָמוֹ, סוּרוּ > סוּרוּ אַל-...
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