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The book of Joshua. Joshua was the successor of Moses and led the Israelites during the conquest of Canaan.

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When did Caleb attack Hebron - Before or After Joshua's Death?

In Joshua 14:6 - 15, we read that, after 7 years of conquest, Joshua gave Hebron to Caleb as an inheritance. Up until verse 12, chapter 15 describes the rest of Judah's allotment. Verses 13 - 19 turns ...
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Was there a Hazor for Jabin to rule over?

The late-Exodus theory places the Exodus sometime during Ramesses II's reign(c. 1290-1224). This theory identifies the archaeological 1230 BC destruction of Hazor with Joshua's attack on the site. It ...
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Is Peter’s assertion in Acts 4:12, upon the saving “Name”, tied to understanding the unique nature of “Joshua” in the Pentateuch?

Note,it is important to discern the precise form. Exodus 17:9, “יהושע” is the first occurrence, but Numbers 13:8,16, demonstrates the compound design of this name. Names in the Bible are important and ...
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Why did Joshua bring back the king of Ai only to hang him?

Why did Joshua bring back the king of Ai only to kill him? Joshua 8:29
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