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Questions about the significance of jewelry in relation to the biblical text

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A nose ring, earring, or other in Genesis 24:22?

Abraham's servant is on a mission to find Isaac a wife, and he is blessed in that work. Upon Rebekah's fulfilling of the sign conditions of the servant's prayer to YHWH (Gen 24:12-20), the servant ...
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What did earrings have to do with idolatry in Gen 35:4?

As Jacob brings his family back to Canaan, God calls him to build an altar to Him (Gen 35:1), and then Jacob is moved to do the following, of which the part in bold is what this question concerns in ...
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In Job 42:10-11, why did Job receive "gold rings" from his friends?

At the end of the book of Job,after Job has prayed for his friends Job 42:10-11 it is written that each of Job's friends gave him a piece of silver and a gold ring, (NIV) All his brothers and ...
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