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For questions concerning the implementation or comparison of approaches to hermeneutics

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What are some sources about the idea of official titles being mistaken as proper names in the Bible?

I'm looking for scholarship on the phenomenon of the Bible treating official titles as though they were proper names. Examples of this seem to include: Pharaoh, Abimelekh, Rabshakeh (maybe Agag?), all ...
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Have there been any significant new critical frameworks since the 2000s?

I'm trying to mentally form a somewhat comprehensive list of types of criticisms/approaches to Biblical studies and what the lay of the land looks like as of 2023--as well as a rough timeline for when ...
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What are the major differences between Heidegger's, Gadamer's and Ricoeur's hermeneutics?

Where would Heidegger, Ricoeur, and Gadamer disagree most on hermeneutic methodology? I'm exploring this question or Quora and hoping to gather further insight and perspective.
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Are there systematic hermeneutical principles that help clarify which prophecies have double fulfilments?

I'm exploring the prophets and Ezra at the moment. In them, there are many prophecies that either refer to the day of The LORD. Now, the day of The LORD seems to refer in different contexts to: A) The ...
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What is the difference between arcing, phrasing and diagramming?

I am trying to improve my exegesis of biblical text and am attempting to get better with hermeneutical methods as they are focussed on understanding the meaning of the text in the context of the ...
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Use of metochos versus koinonos in the Book of Hebrews

Can one draw any inference regarding whether the author regards the individuals addressed in Hebrews 6:4-6 as possessors or professors when he uses μετόχους rather than κεκοινώνηκεν (2:14) to ...
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How narratology used in biblical hermeneutics

I am doing research on methodology in the hermeneutics of Ecclesiastes. Is narratology is a good method? Garbo.
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Computer analysis of authorship in Daniel?

Computers have demonstrated that Genesis was probably written by one person I've been looking around and can'...
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