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Did the fire and sulfur that rained on the inhabitants of Sodom source from hell

Was the fire and sulfur that rained on the inhabitants of Sodom from hell? It seems as if God opened a portal in the sky and allowed the fire to rain on the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah directly ...
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How to reconcile the Gospel of John to Revelation regarding the perishability of those condemned to hell

The gospel of John teaches that those who do not believe in Jesus as God's only begotten son will perish, I understand the meaning of the phrase to perish is to vanish as a result of being burned ...
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Significance of the Rich Man Having Five Brothers in Luke 16:28

I'm delving into the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31 (Luke 16:19-31), and a particular detail caught my attention. In verse 28 (Luke 16:28), the rich man mentions that he has five ...
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Is there a connection between the fire of Gehenna and the fire that is kindled by an unruly (ungodly) tongue?

In James chapter 3, counsel is given about controlling one’s tongue (the words one speaks) so as not to set aflame “the course of nature and being inflamed by Gehenna” (James 3:6, as in the literal ...
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