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The theory that the Pentateuch was written by multiple authors many generations after Moses.

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Can we use "linguistic fingerprints" to identify different authors of the Bible?

I read, what was to me, quite an interesting story from USA Today about different authors' contributing to different parts of the bible measured by analysing "linguistic fingerprints": For ...
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Does archaeological evidence contradict the Documentary Hypothesis?

In an interview, the late Dr. Clifford Wilson implied that archaeology has shown that the Pentateuch could not have been compiled the way that the JEDP theory suggests: Professor G. Ernest Wright, ...
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Genesis 22:19 - where is Isaac?

Genesis 22 describes the famous binding of Isaac narrative. During the beginning of the event, Abraham and Isaac’s ascent to the mountain is described: “Early in the morning Abraham got up and ...
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Are there Bibles with each JEDP source set aside separately?

Are there any editions or translations of the Bible which set aside each source (J, E, P etc.) separately? I am aware that there is a 'Book of J', the oldest text, I'm just wondering if there are any ...
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Is Peter’s assertion in Acts 4:12, upon the saving “Name”, tied to understanding the unique nature of “Joshua” in the Pentateuch?

Note,it is important to discern the precise form. Exodus 17:9, “יהושע” is the first occurrence, but Numbers 13:8,16, demonstrates the compound design of this name. Names in the Bible are important and ...
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