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Why wouldn’t the Bible ever mention about swarms of flies being around the Temple altars? [closed]

Q: What often occurred at the Temple? A: Animal sacrifices. Q: What would lots of animal blood and burnt flesh attract? A: Flies. Q: What can Beelzebub be translated to? A: Lord of Flies. Q: Was ...
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9 answers

Is it right to textually and contextually insist that Revelation 3:10 is a "slam dunk" for the pretrib rapture position?

Revelation 3:10 states: Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. ...
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Are those who see the Messiah or a Messiah making a covenant in Daniel 9:27 using sound hermeneutics?

I struggle when I see learned theologians affirming the Messiah or a Messiah is the one making a covenant in verse 27. It seems it is just the eagerness to debunk a key factor for those who embrace ...
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What's the Scope of Isaiah's Egyptian Eschatological Inclusion and Religious Fidelity to Yahwism: Righteous Remnant Or Wholesale Redemption:?

Considering Isaiah's dominant hostile portrayal of Egypt as either "oppressors" or "cruel masters" or a "splintered reed" and or aught to be coming to Israel in chains ...
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In Romans 11:26, how is “all” understood by those who believe Israel refers to physical Israel?

For those who believe “all Israel will be saved” in Romans 11:26 refers to physical, blood line descendants of Jacob, how do they understand the word “all”? In the abolute sense of every single ...
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Where does Dispensationalism differ from traditional Biblical Theology when interpreting a text?

Wikipedia summarizes a traditional "Biblical Theology" approach to interpreting the Bible as follows: Biblical theology seeks to understand the progressive unfolding of God's special revelation ...
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5 answers

Is dispensationalism a theological framework or a hermeneutical approach?

I most often hear about dispensationalism in the context of a theological framework wherein God’s relations with man are understood to be divided up into different periods of time, or dispensations, ...