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Questions relating to the character Caleb from the Hebrew Bible, who served alongside Joshua during and after the time of Moses.

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Did Caleb's son Mered (I Chronicles 4:18) marry the daughter of Pharaoh mentioned in Exodus 2:5-9

I recently stumbled upon a statement of 1 Chronicles 4:18 indicating that Caleb's son Mered married a daughter of Pharaoh named Bethiah, who bore him three sons. Mered’s Egyptian wife bore Jered, the ...
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Dogs in the Old Testament

Why is Caleb's name exactly the Hebrew word for dog (keleb)? He's the spy from Judah who, along with Joshua from Ephraim, entered the promised land and decided that (against the other 10 spies) the ...
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Was the Beloved Disciple laying on Jesus's Lap?

There are two different words used in the Gospel of John for anatomy of the front of the body. My question is about the first, "κόλπος," used in two places. Should it be translated "...
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