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Questions tagged [biblical-theology]

Biblical Theology is an approach to theology which emphasises the progressive or canonical nature of Biblical revelation

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Does Mark 10:15 give us a warning not to over-think/over-systematize theology?

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it. (Mark 10:15, ESV) Sometimes trying to rationalize what we don't understand approaches heresy. Note ...
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Is Sabbath "Rooted in Creation" in Exodus 20:11? [migrated]

This is a question particularly for those who believe, based on Biblical data in the New Testament, that the Sabbath is no longer binding for New Covenant Christians, since Jesus has fulfilled the Law ...
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Are those who see the Messiah or a Messiah making a covenant in Daniel 9:27 using sound hermeneutics?

I struggle when I see learned theologians affirming the Messiah or a Messiah is the one making a covenant in verse 27. It seems it is just the eagerness to debunk a key factor for those who embrace ...
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What is the difference between a theological investigation and a Biblical theology [closed]

I know that this may seem like a dumb question but I still cannot list the differences. Someone asked me whether Dispensationalism is a theological investigation or a Biblical theology and I'm not ...
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Where does Dispensationalism differ from traditional Biblical Theology when interpreting a text?

Wikipedia summarizes a traditional "Biblical Theology" approach to interpreting the Bible as follows: Biblical theology seeks to understand the progressive unfolding of God's special revelation ...
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What is the name of the distinction between 'teaching interpretation' and 'telling people what the interpretation is'? [closed]

My assumption is that I'm aiming for an evangelical interpretation of the Bible, using Graham Goldsworthy's Gospel and Kingdom as a guide. (Ie that we seek to use the Bible to interpret itself, ...
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According to Scripture, how should we interpret Scripture? [closed]

There have been many principles proposed for how to properly interpret Scripture. Some of those principles actually come from Scripture. Here are some examples of principles which seem to come from ...
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How does Canon Criticism relate to the concept of a Gesamtbiblische Theologie?

It is my understanding that Brevard Childs's so-called canonical (or canon) criticism places an emphasis on looking at the Bible as a complete work. This reminds me of the concept of a Gesamtbiblische ...
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