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Questions tagged [aramaic]

Questions regarding the Aramaic sections of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and the translations known as the Targums.

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Evidence for the unity of Daniel

I understand that the book of Daniel is comprised of two languages: Aramaic from chapter 2:4 to 7:25, the narrative part, and Hebrew in chapters 8 to 12, the prophetic and apocalyptic part. I ...
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Does 2nd Peter have extant manuscripts that are a combination of Greek and Aramaic?

I heard from somewhere (I cannot recall) that the extant manuscripts of 2nd Peter were written in a combination of Aramaic and Greek, is there any evidence for this? Example: (1 particular manuscript ...
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What are some meanings of the following symbols?

Does anyone have insights into what these symbols mean? I have discovered some of their meanings, but it seems there are layers upon layers of additional meanings which, so far, I know nothing about.
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