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The theory that most, if not all, New Testament books were originally written in Aramaic. (This theory is disputed in academia.)

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Remains of Aramaic/Hebrew version of Matthew

We know from several early Christian theologists that the Gospel of Matthew existed in a Hebrew or Aramaic version before parts of NT that were written in Greek were translated into Syriac in the ...
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Correct/true translation of Revelation 13:18

It was brought to my attention that the original Greek says that "....for the number is that of a man", should actually read "....for the number is that of man". This infers that the "number" is tied ...
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How is the word "ἐπιούσιος" translated in the Syriac Peshitta, and what is the significance of the word(s) chosen?

In the lords prayer, the fourth petition says "Give us this day our ἐπιούσιος bread" Lots of ink has been spilt over the correct translation of ἐπιούσιος and no one really knows for sure what it ...
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Was Any of the New Testament Actually Written in Aramaic? [duplicate]

I met a guy that introduced me to the Aramaic English New Testament. I always thought that the New Testament was translated from the original Greek. This version claims: The Aramaic text used in ...
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Do the Dead Sea Scrolls argue against Aramaic primacy?

One of the arguments for Aramaic being the original language of the New Testament is the theory that Hebrew was replaced by Old Aramaic as the vernacular language in Judea following the Babylonian ...
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What arguments exist that would refute the theory concerning Aramaic primacy of the New Testament?

Many Nestorian and some Seventh Day Adventist scholars assert that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic (such as Paul Younan and George Lamsa). What scholarly arguments exist that would ...
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What portions of the New Testament are purported to have originally been written in Aramaic?

I am wondering what portions of the New Testament are purported to have originally been written in Aramaic, and by whom. I am aware that Seventh Day Adventist and Nestorian scholars often assert ...
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