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What are the similarities and differences between the Genesis creation account and other creation stories of the time [closed]

(Operating under the assumption that Genesis was authored by Moses, and its intent is a polemic against other origin stories and their view of the deity at the time). The Enûma Eliš is said to have ...
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In Matthew 12:34 what did Jesus mean when he called the Pharisees "a brood of vipers"?

In Matthew 12:34 when Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees it is written, (NIV) You brood of vipers,how can you who are evil say anything good? For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth ...
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Why, in Ezekiel 28, is the King of Tyre conflated with Lucifer?

Most of what Christians know about Lucifer comes from Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. Especially in Ezekiel, however, the oracles are clearly addressed to the King of Tyre. 11 The word of the LORD came to ...
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What is the relationship between the "Adversary" in Job and the serpent in Genesis?

An individual named the Adversary appears in Job 1:6-12 (NJPS): One day the divine beings presented themselves before the Lord, and the Adversary came along with them. The Lord said to the ...
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In Job 41:5 is it cynical of God to mention the young women in his house if they are already dead?

For me the Book of Job is one of the most controversial books in the Bible yet. In chapters 38-41 we see the Lord's unnecessary boasting in front of his slave. Job 41:5 is an example of a cynicism: ...
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Why was the serpent punished since it was only "used" by Satan?

The serpent was created by God. It couldn't be Lucifer since it is listed as a "wild animal...God has made." And Lucifer isn´t an animal. What kind of serpent are we talking about here? Gn 3:1a (...
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What is the historical basis for viewing Genesis 3:15 as the 'protoevangelium'?

Genesis 3:15 is referred to by Christian theologians as the protoevangelium (first proclamation of the [Christian] gospel). The text reads: Hebrew (MT): וְאֵיבָ֣ה׀ אָשִׁ֗ית בֵּֽינְךָ֙ וּבֵ֣ין ...
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Our Father, who art in heaven

In Matthew 6:9–13 (NIV), followers are given instruction on how to pray: “This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will ...
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Are there any published works on the development of "satan/Satan" in the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament? [closed]

I was wondering if anyone knew of any published works (books or papers) that study the development of the hebrew word satan and particularly how it came to be associated in some places with the New ...
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What was the serpent in Genesis [duplicate]

I was wondering exactly was the snake in the Genesis story. Was it a metaphor for sex? Was it Satan's influence? Was it Satan himself?
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