As an amateur textual critic, I've become very interested in the early translations of the New Testament, and I found this page listing a number of critical editions of NT translations.

At least in the case of the Coptic (either Sahidic or Bohairic), is there a newer critical apparatus (in the style of the Nestle-Aland text or the United Bible Society text) available for purchase? So far, I've only found reprints of the Horner work, which while a good starting place, is 11 volumes long between the Sahidic (7) and Bohairic (4) editions.

(At the very least, Amazon did not have a newer critical text, though it did have newer editions of the NT available by J. Warren Wells which were not critical texts.)

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So in D.C. Parker's work An Introduction to the New Testament Manuscripts and their Texts he states in his section on the Coptic version that

The most extensive edition of the Coptic remain those of George Horner, in two series, published between 1898 and 1924.

This was published in 2008, so unless someone knows of a more recent answer, I believe this answers my question.

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