I'm looking for commentaries/publications regarding use of word 'γυναικα' in 1 Tim 3:11.

I need commentaries, which would cover following concepts:

  1. γυναικα - the wife [of a Deacon]
  2. γυναικα - a woman [in general]
  3. γυναικα - a woman [Deacon]
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  • Just as 'man' in Greek may be a single man or a husband, so γυναῖκας is a woman or a wife. Paul uses the wording διακονον (female deacon) in referring to Phoebe in Romans 16:1. If the woman's husband is not stated, there would be no way of knowing if she is the wife of a deacon or the wife of a brother in the church.
    – Nigel J
    Mar 19 at 20:50

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Wives or Deaconesses? (γυνή in 1 Tim 3:11)


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