For study reasons, I would like to find a concordance for the Deuterocanonical books + the Book of Enoch. Ideally, the concordance should contain the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic text with an a dictionary. It should look something like this: KJV w/ Strong's Bible or BibleHub's Greek Text Analysis.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find an adequate concordance for the Apocrypha as of now, let alone Enoch.

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You will have to find the original text then copy and paste into a translator. It’s gonna be tough because it doesn’t work Word for word in translation.

Or send the original text to translators, pay to have it done. I am very curious about some parts of that book. Man those were dark times and those giant hybrids were pure evil.

It’s says “they began to sin against the birds, fish and animals” I feel they crossbred with animals.. thus the countless Sasquatch (ape) sightings, dogman sightings(wolf) mermaid sightings and even moth man.


There is a book on Amazon called Book of Enoch: Ultimate Study Edition by Aaron Miller (though I have not looked into it myself).

For the first time, a book of the apocrypha has been keyed to Strong's Concordance for the purpose of in-depth study of the original text.

(from Amazon's book description)

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