I have heard that Eden in Hebrew means "presence" and not specifically a place. The word is made of five strokes each with a meaning of its own. They are: Spot, Moment, Presence, Open Door, Delightful. I lack the Hebrew skills to confirm or reject this linguistic understanding. Is this a fair and accurate expression of the Hebrew Eden?

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  • Garden = ga-rden = ga-rhedon = rheden = עֵ֔דֶן = eden
    – R. Emery
    Commented May 12, 2022 at 21:47

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Eden עֵ֔דֶן [Genesis 2] derives from עֵ֔ד "Witness" in regards to their visual delight.

The Klein Dictionary defines עֵ֔דֶן "Eden" as : pleasure, delight, luxury. -- עֵ֔דֶן Eden (name of the region in which lies the Paradise. [The name is usually explained as ‘the place of delight’] -- M. D. Cassuto explains the name Eden — with reference to the meaning of the base ‘dn in Ugaritic — as a place that is ‘well watered throughout’.]


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